ANB Express is a trucking company based in Roseville, California that believes in empowering our agents, drivers, and employees. We’ve built dense freight lanes that help our drivers get home more. Our Operations have been molded to be proactive, rather than reactive. We strive to provide a quality freight experience for our customers. We take the headache out of your logistics and make these challenging processes as efficient and easy as possible.


Freight can be a major pain. The way it’s handled is usually inefficient, and the communication levels are sparse at best. But not with us! We pride ourselves on taking care of your freight quickly, efficiently- but we don’t stop there either! You’ll get superior communications along with all steps of our process so you know exactly where your shipment stands every step of the way to make sure nothing goes wrong in transit or when arrives at its destination for delivery.


We’re always looking out for you and want to ensure that speedy shipping isn’t what takes precedent over quality service; let our team handle your needs by making sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish – while also giving you peace of mind through consistent updates during transport

We Make Transport Easy!

Our Services

Road freight

ANB Express provides the fastest, most reliable freight and delivery services in North America. Our fleet includes modern temperature-controlled reefers that can be utilized to accommodate all of your shipping needs at a competitive price point without sacrificing quality or service!

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Our Fleet

ANB Express Trucking

Our fleet includes some of the best trucks on the market today. Using the latest technology, we can see where every truck is at all times. This allows us to ensure each of our trucks is operating its routes efficiently. If for some reason a truck needs to be rerouted, we can do so quickly directly from our home office.


“Former driver here, and not any reason on their part. They were a great company to work for. The owner was hands-on and cared about his drivers”.

These are great people to work for. If you are wanting a good driving job, look no further, you’ve found the best there is. Come on and join the team!

Everyone has always been helpful with any question. Always been fast shipping that’s why I keep going back


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